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Ceramic Coating (Ceramic pro 9H)

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Has anyone applied the Ceramic Pro 9H coating to their I-Pace? I want to make sure that the coat over the windshield won't interfere with the active steering / lane keep assist cameras... any thoughts?
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We did Ceramic Pro literally yesterday, professionally applied all over. The car has to sit in the garage until Friday to cure, so we haven't driven it yet. We may wait to drive it after the rain this weekend. I doubt there'll be an issue.
I did including the windshield. No issues at all
I did including the windshield. No issues at all
Do you use the lane keep assist with active steer often? I'm worried it will impact that
I had ceramic coating applied through Jaguar when I bought the car. I have had no issues at all. Everything works as it is supposed to. I have had my car since Nov 20. I use LKA all the time, and ACC when the roads are bare and dry (In Edmonton, that is less often than I would like LOL).
Ceramic Pro and all the drive assist features seem to work fine together. I used cruise control and the self-steering without issue at night in the rain on the freeway with oncoming headlights and the heated windshield. Also had no issue with glare. Also, best of all, I didn't really need the wipers much. In some moments I did, but 95% of the time, using the wiper made no appreciable difference to visibility.
I also had the dealer apply their ceramic coating and on top of that I added Bead Maker. Man that stuff is awesome. I've had no issues with sensors, cameras, etc. With all the rain we've had lately it was awesome to watch the water just run off the car. It still looks like I just washed it, with the exception of the rear. For some reason I have water spotting so I may need to reapply in this area.
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