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California CAV Decals

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To those that took delivery in CA and applied for your CAV decals, how long did it take from when you sent in the form / check? I sent mine in on 2/16 and haven't heard back yet (and the check hasn't hit my bank).
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I had them on my LEAF and barely used the carpool lanes in those 3 years.
RAV4-EV I just put the stickers in the glovebox if I should become desperate. Still in the glove box when traded for the I-Pace.
I-Pace I am just skipping it. Don't like the look.

Seems like for my commute it is just not needed. Weekends and other times the carpool is just stopped anyway same as the other lanes so no point. Or I have 2+ in the vehicle and no need for a sticker.

For some I understand it makes a huge difference.
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