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Black Morzine Headliner constraint??

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Thrilled to have found this forum just 3 days ago and already much smarter than dealer (not unusual, from what I'm reading here) on LOTS of topics. I recently noticed my order shows the wrong headliner. My online build link (that I sent dealer) showed Black but order sheet showed Oyster. Dealer (sales rep) told me there was a 'factory constraint' on black headliner... Come again??? How could such a common item (black cloth) be a factory constraint? And why build it wrong? I guess they just entered it wrong, but I so suppose the headliner is something the dealer can fix? Maybe???

Then today I'm reading (here on this forum) about the MY 2020 change just a few weeks ago. Ugh! This is NOT a normal "early adopter" risk, is it?

With all the inconsistency between dealer/customer experiences, and lack of dealer product knowledge in general, excitement turning to apprehension for scheduled delivery in 3 weeks. 20 year MBZ owner, this would be first Jag, unimpressed to date.

Love to hear others' experiences and more importantly, suggestions?
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I ordered the Light Oyster Morzine, and that's what shows up on my order status. I would not expect the dealer can fix that for you. If it was a factory constraint, they really should have talked with you about it, rather than making you find the discrepancy yourself. I suppose your options are take it or reject it and have them build another car for you, when the black is available. Or maybe have them search inventory in the region to see if there's a black interior available for you now.

I had an ordering problem too - the dealer told me it is impossible to order an "I-Pace S" with Performance Seats, so I had to take the Sport Seats. The jaguarusa website let me configure my car with the S trim and the Performance Seats, no problem, but they swore up and down that the dealer ordering system did not have this option. Seemed odd. I did not love the Sport Seats, but will give them another try before I decide to take the car.
I would be confirming these restrictions and requesting an exception from corporate JLR USA.
May not go anywhere but I would like to have independent confirmation.
I don't think this is something that your dealer is going to be able to address after the fact and its not something they should have done without your consent/knowledge. Best guess is they will have to source a similarly spec'd model if it isn't to your liking.
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