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Better charge an extra 10% for reserve

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Hey fellow owners, I just completed my 4th road trip where I needed to charge away from home. On the trip going down to the beach I made two stops which added about an hour and half to a 4 hour trip, yuck! So coming back I assumed I could just make one stop. It was a good estimate. I made the first leg with a reserve of 10 miles. So the final leg I charged up with a reserve of 20 miles. Only made it back with a 3 miles extra. Not sure what happened as I didn’t drive any different, all interstate. Anyway glad I waited for what I thought would be a reserve of 20 miles. Glad I’m a pilot also, as pilots always think in terms of put a little extra in the tank.
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...pilots always think in terms of put a little extra in the tank.
So does anyone who's ever driven a car.

Going down to the beach probably involved both altitude drop and wind based on time of the day. Most oceans have a coastal wind cycle, as the land heats up wind goes inland, then in PM goes out to sea as land cools. Also all wind patterns have an east to west natural tendency.

A nice thing about the I-Pace is that charging past 50% is not as slow as some cars. And there is a One Button range extender. Swipe the home center screen L to R, and there is an EV screen. The center part has 3 circled icons on the bottom. The one to the left looks like a car with an low battery icon on it. That's Low Battery Mode, and will add range at the expense of amenities.

Worst part is when you encounter a head or cross wind without knowing it. Both harm range dramatically just like they harm MPG in a gas car.
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I only took about 40h of flight instruction, but I remember my instructor shutting off the fuel of a Cessna 172 and asking me what I should do next. "Find a good place to crash."

EV nuts often think the same way, but with charging. Always have an emergency charging destination in mind.

Another good thing to have is mad skillz hypermiling. This is a form of masochism where you deliberately try to get as many miles per kWh as possible when there is absolutely no reason to. I already have a good idea how I can exceed 300 miles on the highway in my I-Pace. But like finding a good place to crash, I'll probably not need it. Nice to know it's there though.

On Day One, this came in handy since the dealer did not charge the car, and we left for home in the rain without knowing how far we could get off 20%.
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"Nothing more useless than sky above you, runway behind you, or fuel in the truck!"
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