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Hello Everyone. Im a proud owner of a 1 week young i-pace.
Today i had a weird situation. Just for the info first:
I live in Switzerland and were atm on 0 Degrees celsoius. I charged the car with 3(home charger)/22/50/100kw stations. Everything worked.
Now the weird thing. Today I went with 14% of capacity to a 165kw charger to test the speed of my 2021 jag. After it stuck on 84KW after 2/3 minutes (17%) i stopped the charging to try the hazard light attemp.
Suddenly the I-Pace showed after unplugging a capacity of 35%?!?
I tried then to charge with hazard lights on but it was stuck around 80kw.
The i-pace and Charging station recognized after the new charge attemp the 35% capacity starting point and went up to 40%%.. i unplugged the car went for a drive and charged it again to 92% everything went fine..
But i don't get the battery capacity jump from 17 to 35% after unplugged the charger the first time....
And i know that the capacity went down normally when i drove the i-pace from around 30 to 14%
Does anyone have an idea why my i-pace more than double the capacity % after a 3 min charge?

(The lowest capacity % before was at 20%)

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That's really bizarre. Not sure I have a good idea about this other than a software glitch.

Welcome to the forum, anyhow! Pictures? 🍺
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