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Apple Watch App

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Just tried out the Remote App on my watch.
Beep and Flash

Security Status
Battery miles

Pretty good for the first version.
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MyPace on the Apple Watch gives a simple four pane layout with charge % and range, lock, unlock, and precondition cabin. It's this last feature that I find most useful. I keep MyPace at the top of my system tray and start preconditioning by pressing the side button, tapping MyPace and then tapping the precondition pane. I find that it is easier than accessing preconditioning through the phone on either the JLR app or MyPace.
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Update now available to UK, Version 2.14
Further updates to follow
Can't seem to find it for my watch? Seems like it would be nice to have.
it needs to be updated via iPhone , works on SE Watch on
Watch icon is just the word remote on a black background
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