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Apple Siri Eyes Free

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Does anyone know if Eyes Free is supported? I’m not sure if I have something disabled on my phone that prevents it from working, or if the car just doesn’t support it. It would be really nice when I’m not using CarPlay to be able to tell the phone what song to play instead of having to search.
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Just read about Eyes Free - danm, that would be a GREAT feature! I tried the 'offhook' button on my I-Pace to no avail. What about programming the favorite button? If someone can figure that out please let us know!
If I am understanding in most cars you press and hold the voice command button for a long hold until Siri instead of the cars built in voice recognition responds.
I don't think its compatible with the I-Pace as it has also been reported to not work in the F Pace. Not sure if this is something that Jag can change via software.
Yea, the only way I can get Siri to activate is by having the phone plugged in... This is a feature I really miss from almost every other car I've owned in the last 5 years...
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