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Am I the only one having this problem ?

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My 2019 ipace started few days after I got it not to recognize the keys. I found myself stuck in different places unable to turn on the car and getting the message that it was not recognizing the key. Jaguar kept the car 3 weeks and finally gave it to me telling that it had been fixed. By the matter of fact it worked for 1 month but since yesterday the problem started again and now my car is stuck in a parking unable to read my keys. Extremely frustrating problem with a brand new car ! Any similar experience ?
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No similar experience with the I-Pace, but have had the issue with other cars.

I assume both fobs behave the same and you've replaced the batteries to rule out the fob.

There is usually an area in the car where you can put your fob so it bypasses the fob battery and the car antenna.

Does it work there?

We had to have the actual transponder in the car replaced in one of our cars a couple years ago. It was an intermittent problem, and it took 2 dealer visits to resolve.
you should also check/post on the UK website, but I don't recall hearing/reading about anything like that...
Was this also not a reported problem in the F Pace last year? From what I recall it was some sort of software issue. There is usually a RFID connection that is placed somewhere on the steering column.
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