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Airbag light came on

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Noticed that the airbag light came on but the car was otherwise working fine. Had to take it in to the dealer anyway so had them check it out. Said it was a loose connection from the seat, must’ve gotten loose some how. Tech just attached it back.

Maybe this will help someone who has a similar issue. I didn’t ask where the bad connection was though.
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Had the same issue on my IPace, after service, again reconnected and apparently sealed to prevent future occurence
Normally have my seat as far back as possible but seat had been moved closer to steering wheel, luckily I hadn't left the dealership and was quickly attended to
Had a similar airbag light warning - was diagnosed as a faulting connection in the seatbelt bracket
Mine ended up being a little more than the wiring harness under the seat. They performed the following:

but it came back and now we are awaiting a new airbag module for the passenger seat (it's on backorder).
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