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Air ionisation button missing

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Hi everyone,
I’m driving my I-pace since the 14th of December and am very happy with it overall. It is a first edition model and has air ionisation included, although the button to activate this is not showing up on the bottom screen. I believe it is supposed to be a pac-man shaped icon in the left bottom of the airflow screen (on the bottom screen). Does anyone else have this problem?
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Mine is there - not sure if it really does anything though?
Ill play around with it to see if there is some setting that makes it appear/disappear.
Could somebody snap a picture? I don't know where it is.
This is what we are talking about right? I didn’t see a way to remove this from the screen.

There is also air purity under climate settings, but I believe everyone has access to that.


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Hey Janna,
Thanks for the reaction. I am pretty sure air to the face has been on most of the time. The button hasn’t shown up at all. I’ll mention it to my dealer the next time I have contact with them too. Thank you for your help!
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