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AIR Conditioning Battery Impact

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Does anyone know what the impact on range is with the air conditioning on?

Is it a heavy loss or can you just use it without worrying too much on a long run?

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The GoM shows lowered range when you turn the AC on; it's a reasonable guide for what to expect. It's not too bad, unless of course it's absolutely scorching outside.

Resistive heating of the cabin is much worse.
You have a dedicated screen for that. It shows exactly the the tax on the range for A/C, vented seat, etc
It depends on the temperature difference you ask the AC to achieve. Here in S Arizona on a hot day it takes about 30-40 miles off the 100% battery range.
As others have said, AC really isn't that big of a hit after the cabin has reached the desired temp; heating is much more of a battery drain. On a short trip without preconditioning, the efficiency numbers can look horrible if it's hot out and the car has been sitting in the sun. On a long trip, that initial cool down gets averaged out. If I'm worried about range on a hot day, I find that preconditioning and then using Eco mode at 78 degrees and cooled seats seems to give decent comfort and efficiency even on a hot day, but that is in Florida where the temps are rarely above the low to mid 90s, but the humidity is off the charts.

In day-to-day driving, it seems that the car stays in its efficient range if you keep the cabin temp setting within 10 degrees F of the outside temp. On a hot day, that's not comfortable even with cooled seats, but there seems to be an inflection point at about 10 degrees F up or down.
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