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I am pretty much fed up with range and the GOM. The variance of range and minor weather condition changes that can dramatically alter travel plans have made me decide to give up this car and brand. I repeat a trip to visit family a couple of times a month. The drive is 155 miles: 140 miles of 4-lane highway at 70 mph and the remaining 15 slower highway speeds and light urban driving. I usually charge the battery fully before leaving and returning. Driving down this time, the temp was 60 deg and there was stiff headwind. Still I arrived at the hotel with fully 65 miles of range showing on the GOM. I just returned tonight with the only difference being that I charged the battery to 96% as I didn't think I needed to wait another 25 min for the final 4%. Temp was 55 deg and I had a much lighter and not completely frontal headwind. I arrived home with the battery at 6%....the warning lights were flashing and beeping. So, I used 90% of the battery for 155 miles. This is ridiculous. Low heating, low fan, no AC, no seat heater. I was driving like I'm still in my 1968 Ford Fairlane and I can still barely make 155 miles. I'm glad that JLR is likely going to buy-back this lemon.
I agree that the "variance of range and minor weather condition changes" that influence trip planning can be frustrating and confusing, but let's not forget that many of these same factors are inherent to ICE vehicles as well. The difference being that most drivers do not fixate on the range remaining when ICE'ing knowing that the next gas station is just around the corner. Yes, battery efficiency drops in colder weather, but predictably. These are known, and accepted, features of EV's not faults or design flaws. Possibly you have lost some battery capacity, but it does not seem too extreme since your out bound trip would suggest a starting GoM of around 220miles or more.
For comparison, I recently completed a Montreal to Quebec City round trip (154miles each way) in one day. Outbound to QC I used 61% with a tailwind and elevation loss of 500ft. On the return running into the wind (much more modest breeze), elevation gain of 500ft I used 75% of the battery. My average speeds were 44 and 48mph respectively and the temp was around 38F all day.
A drop in temperature to 55F will have an effect on the range, as will any elevation changes. Similarly crosswinds can play havoc with efficiency in both EV's and ICE's.

However, I would suggest (as has been said many times on this forum) - the GoM is a poor predictor of range, the charge % is far more useful and predictable. Why? Partially because the GoM factors in recent driving behavior to calculate that number. Thus, if you have been pottering around town for a couple of weeks your GoM range will be higher than you can actually go at highway speeds. Conversely, after the outbound highway run you described, the GoM would be more accurate on the way back
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