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I charged to 100% on Sunday 2/24, the GoM said 251 miles but that dropped quickly to 238 or something like that.

Well, the GoM doesn't really know what will happen so I drove until it told me to pull over because it's shutting down. This time I drove the last few miles around the block so as to not push it like last time, when I had to drive another two miles with that warning before getting home, phew.

The 236.7 miles were mostly commute. It did include ~60 miles on the freeway and some dynamic mode fun, but overall just driving normally without babying it much. Temps were between 45 and 60, with most of the time in the low-to-mid fifties (12-14C).

Regarding the last few miles, I observed something strange that again speaks to how discharging (and charging) is nonlinear at very low SoC:

Last night I parked with 4% SoC and 8 miles left. This morning upon startup, same thing. A few hundred feet into driving it jumped to 7% SoC (with no change in GoM). Over the course of the next ~six miles it bounced around a little and eventually settled at 4% / 8 miles again. So I got about 6 miles 'for free'. Eventually it had one mile left, went into low power mode. At 0 miles I started driving around the block ... took about 20 times to where it finally told me to pull over because it was shutting down. Total distance driven = 15.8 miles, as opposed to the 8 miles the GoM was quoting.

So it turns out that this morning's estimate of 7% SoC was more correct than the GoM's 8 miles.


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