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I just sold my 2018 iPace and have my winter wheels to get rid of. The wheels are VCT V84s and the tires are Pirelli Scorpions. The tires have 5k to 7k miles on them and still have very good tread. One of the wheels has some curb damage (see picture), but was checked and balanced afterwards and I have driven 2k on it since with no issue. One rim has some paint peel on the lug cover (see picture), but all the other rims look good and paint is solid. I live in New Hampshire, so meeting up in New England is an option. Outside of that the tires would need to be shipped. I can work with you on finding the best rate, but it would be the buyers expense. I'm looking for $1k, but would entertain reasonable offers to get them out of my garage quickly. Obviously wheels and tires are only sold as a complete set and are being sold "as is".

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