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It does bring to mind, that from what we were told on the old cars, was that the hood scoop/hood dump in the front of the car, helped the aerodynamics. I did always question the rough grill on our old cars, but with aerodynamics you never know what really works and what doesn't. Does there appear to be a small space at the bottom of the new grill ??
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Remember aerodynamics is more than just drag. The air flow thru the grill and over the windshield may be contributing to the smooth air flow and the handling of the car.
If the new grill is solid, you'd think that the designers would simplify the hood design as well and save a few pennies/cents. However, it does look this there might be room for air flow beneath the flat panel from these pictures, but this new grill will certainly change the flow thru the bonnet scoop.
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