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2023 I-Pace - ParkAssist Availability

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HI, newbie here. I am in the process of replacing my 2012 MB C300 and want an EV. The 2023 I-Pace is the front runner and I'm 95% of the way there on a purchase decision, but there is one thing that is extremely unclear to me.

Is ParkAssist available on the 2023 model? It seems like it was standard on prior years but it looks like it might be completely unavailable for 2023. I have searched these forums, reddit, YouTube, etc with no luck and have a query out to the local dealer.

This is a feature that I would really like to have as I have very poor depth perception due to being legally blind in one eye. Do me the courtesy of refraining from "learn how to park" responses. I do my best, but ParkAssist type features are important to me, particularly living in a city (Boston) where parking is tough at the best of times. From what I have read Jaguar's ParkAssist has a lot of detractors, but for me, having any assistance at all is very welcome, without it, I often find myself about 2 feet from the curb and have to re-park multiple times to get an acceptable distance.

Thank you!
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I find the 360 camera is more useful than the parking distance info from the I-pace. Mine has front and rear distance info.
Thank you for the responses. It is very disappointing that ParkAssist is not available as a feature for the I-Pace. Even if it isn’t a perfect feature, the “assist” would have been appreciated. I guess that I will need to take another look at the other EV options on the market.
Park assist never worked on the I-Pace
??? Mine has been working for 4 years….
I think there is confusion about what the names are of certain features. PARKING AID is a feature that displays distance info to objects and makes various sounds to inform you how far away they are. PARK ASSIST is a feature that is supposed to help maneuver the I-pace into a parking spot. PARKING AID works very well for me. I’ve never tried the other one.
I think you'll have to look at the specs of a specific car. I've never used the self-parking feature, but I use the distance sensors all the time.
The dealer demonstrated it once to me. If I recall you had to quite close to other parked cars to get it to start which wouldn't help the OP. The 360 cameras would be more useful.
If I remember correctly it is a semi assisted feature. You still need to read the instructions in the car and press the “R” and “D” button, the car takes care of the rest. Slow and useless feature since the car is not autonomous here. I don’t know why they did not “finish” the automation. Security ?
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