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I can say this now without jinxing myself because I return it this weekend, but my I-pace has been one of the most trouble-free cars I have had in years. I had the 12v battery get low, but caught it and had it replaced before it moved past the "brake pedal feel reduced" stage. But that has been it, literally no other unexpected issues, and only two visits for routine maintenance. Spot checking battery capacity shows very little to no noticeable degradation.

By contrast with my previous cars:
  • one had to be parked outside for a year due to the risk of spontaneous combustion.
  • one spent a couple of weeks out of service because my niece spilled juice in the back seat which fried the airbag controller (a great design that they carried forward to other modules and is now the subject of a class action lawsuit). This was doubly great because it also had a recalled takata airbag that could not be replaced for a long while.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts