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2019 HSE Santorini Black
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Hello fellow iPaceians!

I have recently upgraded to the 22" wheel and after much deliberation I have decided to sell the 20" inch wheels and new Perelli P Zero's that have less than 300 on them. I will say that I have been through several sets of tires in the 20 inch size including the stock Goodyear Eagle's that came on it (not a fan of these) .... a set of CONTINENTAL EXTREME CONTACT 255/50ZR-20 DWS 06 PLUS XL (which I returned because they felt "swimy and unresponsive) and finally the PIRELLI P ZERO J JAGUAR XL 255/50R-20 (which were by far the best in regards to crisp responsive, sporty handling while still providing the smooth quiet ride on a variety of roads )

I fell in love with the 'look' of the 22 inch carbon blades and felt I just had to feed my desire for 'that look' - and while I will say that the look is great, the ride quality of the 20 inch set up is not there. I thought for a while that I would keep both and switch them out from time to time, but the space factor for me is a real problem.

With all of that said, I am going to sell the lot and hoping to find someone in Southern California that can do a local pickup, or if need be- I can deliver in my pickup truck. Not a big fan of shipping them and prefer not break up the set.

The condition of the tires is perfect - just a few hundred miles on them and absolutely no issues. The wheels are the stock Jaguar rims from the 2019 HSE First Edition and they are in very good shape. There are couple of curb rash scratches along the very outer edge of wheel and I will be happy to send detail photos if needed. I will say that when I bought the car, I went looking for wear of this nature and did not see it - It wasn't until I removed the tires that I caught it, but definitely not glaring.

Please let me know if you have any questions - I am happy to discuss any ideas.


So the ride is noticeable? Have you adjusted the psi to 37 for each tire like others have recommended? I'm about to swap out Ipace's, or at least considering it and one of the ones I'm looking at has 22's and I'm nervous about switching. But like you the look is so drastic I love it with the 22's
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