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12.8 second ET for i-Pace

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Not exactly a dragstrip, but they claim to running timing equipment of some kind.
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a single measurement is not reliable .. unless they actually did do a few and averaged them but chose not to complicate the story
That was pretty informal. I didn't see clocking equipment.

An Aussie mag used a track computer and recorded 10.99 sec 0-100mph which would normally be a high 12 second pass in an AWD car on normal pavement.
Similar to another mag time (12.7s).
That was pretty informal
Seems crazy to me. "I made a really bad start" ... so do the test again, surely?

Although seems to be in line with what I have read that off-the-line launch has a "pause", whereas passing-thrust is instant.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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