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  1. Electronics
    Hello! I'm new here, car is amazing for a million reasons I won't go into and that you all already know. tl:dr - On my car, S22A update makes music played through CarPlay sound terrible I've had my CPO 2019 S for a few months and I'm now a veteran of the low-voltage-system-bricks-the-car...
  2. 2018+ I-Pace EV Batteries And Charging
    My I-Pace got the latest SOTA update, version 3.2.0. Next to some maybe helpful updates for Pivi Pro, it says that there is a new charging interface which I'd love to have, BUT only for 22MY models it says. Mine is 21MY. How come, what's changed in the charging system of the 22MY models? Or is...
  3. 2018+ Jaguar I-Pace EV 400 General Discussion
    Yesterday my TCU software was updated over the air at home to version 19.2 from version 18.2. I have a 2019 I-Pace HSE. The update was 1MB and downloaded via the telematics network (?) - WiFi and my in-car SIM were not connected. The update took only a minute or two to download, and less than...
1-3 of 3 Results