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  1. 2018+ Jaguar I-Pace EV 400 General Discussion
    Hello everyone. Please help me, as I am new. I was at a ccs charger that allows a max of 150kwh. First day it charged at an average rate of 50kwh. Second time I went, it charged at an average rate of 20kwh. I am getting nowhere near the max kwh allowed by the charger. Not to mention...
  2. 2018+ Jaguar I-Pace EV 400 News
    I am in the lucky position to be able to replace my 2 yrs old petrol RR Evoque with an EV and I initially placed an order for a Polestar - dual motor AWD. I like the look of the Polestar and I thought that being 50% Volvo it should be a reliable and well built option. I spent the last two weeks...
1-2 of 3 Results