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  1. Electronics
    Hello! I'm new here, car is amazing for a million reasons I won't go into and that you all already know. tl:dr - On my car, S22A update makes music played through CarPlay sound terrible I've had my CPO 2019 S for a few months and I'm now a veteran of the low-voltage-system-bricks-the-car...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I recently received an ad for a wireless carplay adapter. Product-U2W plus I haven't heard of this device before because I've never used carplay since I got my car in 2019. I try to connect my iphone with my a4l via usb cable but it fails to open carplay. Can anyone tell me how to use wired...
  3. Jaguar I-Pace EV Issues And Problems
    Hello all I’m new to the forums and the Jaguar infotainment experience lol. Recently an update got pushed to the vehicle (full update number in title) and now voice navigation specifically on Apple CarPlay is no longer available. I tested the built in navigation voice and that works fine as well...
1-3 of 3 Results