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  1. Jaguar I-Pace EV Issues And Problems
    Hi, After been travelling for 9 weeks I came home to my IPace and I can't open it. The car is dead, even though I had a confirmation on my Jaguar Remote App 13th of July that I had 317km left on my battery. Today no signs of energy in the car. So I tried opening it up with the "emergency key"...
  2. 2018+ Jaguar I-Pace EV 400 General Discussion
    Hi all, My I-Pace comes from an area where InControl hasn't been enabled and after asking here and also Jaguar directly and my dealer said it can't be retrofitted. I checked with lots of charger companies and non can access the car's information about the battery's charging level, meaning...
  3. Jaguar I-Pace EV Issues And Problems
    So I guess my worst nightmare happened. Today I was driving from the East Bay to Lake Tahoe with my two kids. On the way I stopped in Folsom to charge up as my kids needed a bio-break. After restarting the car I got a warning saying the cars brakes had a fault and the car was safe to drive, but...
  4. 2018+ Jaguar I-Pace EV 400 General Discussion
    It's time to ask how many of you have had a 12 volt battery problem on your I-Pace! What was the problem and what was the fix? I am simply flabbergasted that various different manufacturer's seem to have 12V problems. I have also noticed 12V batteries on ICE cars don't last as long as they...
1-4 of 4 Results