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Showcase cover image for Caesium Blue Has arrived !

General Information

I Pace HSE
Caesium Blue
Black ext pack, cold climate (really don’t need that), adaptive dynamics/AdSR, 4 zone climate, HUD, various interior protection and wheel lock stuff , black gloss spoke wheels, ebony headlining
Thought I was going to buy an Indus silver with oyster. Changed to Caesium Blue with black. Just looks more cool and fun even if less refined perhaps

Just arrived Friday . Much better looking than the black Tesla also on the truck.

Pretty happy 😊


Removed extraneous badges, black chrome look applied to rear deck Leaper and "Jaguar" emblem, Modesta ceramic coating (BC-04) applied and Sunguard PPF applied on front bumper



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So I put a deposit on this and this is still at the dealer being updated. They had to order some part ?? It’s been nearly three weeks. I assume this Covid environment is partially to blame. We are under home shelter rule now in Houston so not sure what’s happening at the dealers . I don’t have high confidence and am tempted to do some long distancing shopping for alternative

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Bob, any news? Gorgeous vehicle inside and out! With which Houston dealer are you working? I'm in Virginia and also negotiating long distance and they have agreed to deliver if I pull the trigger. Just not there yet! My local dealer's heart just isn't in EVs yet, and may never be. Good luck!

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Hi ValleyguyVA - Well they finally finished the updates a few weeks ago - they had to wait for a new tool for that - and I have been waiting for a full battery State of Health report to be on the safe side. Assuming that is not an issue, then I plan to complete the transaction. I believe they might be annoyed with me but so be it. Given the below mentioned search, this one is still the top of my list. Please let me know if they are trying to double deal this specific vehicle to you.

In the meantime, I think I have looked online at every HSE in the US, talked to all the dealers here and probably 6 to 8 out of Houston. I am happy to share what I am seeing/hearing. May I ask what kind of deals you are seeing? Thanks