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Jaguar I-Pace EV Issues And Problems

  1. No wifi button
  2. 19B issues log
  3. GOM changed his mind mid-drive
  4. Camera fault detected
  5. Full charge reset back to 201 miles
  6. Collision assistance Forward Alert won't stay off
  7. No Connectivity
  8. InControl / Remote app has poor "end of charge" prophecy
  9. Humming/Grinding noise at 65+ MPH
  10. Homelink programming issue
  11. Android Auto Waze Issue
  12. Remote connection lost
  13. SOTA does not seem to be working...
  14. Unable to log into InControl from the nav screen
  15. Recycle Air button won't stay on
  16. Battery Poll!
  17. Faulty Battery. Yay.
  18. Dead 12V-- any workarounds?
  19. Web browser & weather/news updates
  20. Bluetooth audio no sound
  21. Charging port won't open
  22. A/C Noise
  23. Trunk cracks open when unlocking the car
  24. Repair Manual or Parts Manual
  25. iOS 13 and bluetooth music play
  26. OK to drive with caution. Brake pedal feel reduced
  27. Where do I find the WiFi Hotspot password?
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  29. Poll—App Charge Notifications Stopped Working
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  31. Roadside assistance button not working
  32. How can I be sure my I-Pace has the latest software
  33. Remote app no longer on Play store
  34. WiFi no longer connects to my home AP
  35. Bad battery. Finding out required detective work
  36. Wi-Fi on/off?
  37. Here's a weird one for ya
  38. Delayed charging
  39. Very Loud AC Fan Noise
  40. Charge Level Control
  41. Family sedan w 1200 HP
  42. Alexa in InControl Remote app
  43. SIM card wonky
  44. Park Assist
  45. Blind spot monitor. Not really working
  46. Sudden issues
  47. Battery cells broken
  48. First Service issue
  49. Forward Collision Alert defaults to "On" and dealer refuses to change it.
  50. Lost Online Capability
  51. Can Dealership push SOTA
  52. Can't get creep mode to stay on
  53. Software Enhancement Program
  54. how often does your smart settings profile gets deleted?
  55. InControl Remote App acting weird
  56. Touch Screen Duo Update - Lost AM/FM
  57. GOM Reset Not Working
  58. I've owned mine for a week now. Are these issues typical?
  59. Software release notes
  60. Brake noise or squeal?
  61. H228 - Software Enhancement Program
  62. AC Failure part II
  63. Lost driver profiles
  64. High voltage battery shutdown not possible-live service
  65. 8K Miles - Suspension Failure Warning
  66. Alzheimer's problems?!?!
  67. Charge door broken/locked
  68. Bugs/Tar/Tree sap splatter on Front Bumper
  69. Apple Carplay issue
  70. Jaguar Corporate Lack of Communication
  71. Toll Transponder Issue
  72. cant login to
  73. Lost Profile and Online Radio
  74. Regenerative braking concern
  75. Emergency Lane Keeping Not available
  76. Losing Infotainment Customizations
  77. Incontrol Remote App problems
  78. 360 front camera distorted
  79. Confused infotainment and Smart systems
  80. Forward parking sensors menu
  81. 1st. Charge anomaly
  82. Wish List (Are you listening JLR ?)
  83. Cracks in Door Handles
  84. Battery fault needed to be towed
  85. AC blows hot in pre-conditioning...
  86. Problems after software and GWM update?
  87. Level 1 Charger Stops after a few hours
  88. Climate-control knobs randomly display in celsius
  89. 12volt battery low warning
  90. Blank screens radio won’t shut off
  91. Nav slow and crashes a lot
  92. Charging at 50KW
  93. No voice
  94. Parking
  95. First ‘real’ problem: AC blows warm air
  96. Anyone with fully working Android Auto?
  97. Map updater incompatible with latest Mac OS
  98. Rattle/Buzzing by Sunglass Case
  99. sudden acceleration in reverse
  100. Suspension noises
  101. Android Auto not working
  102. I-Pace HSE Infotainment system bugs w Android
  103. Blank Screens are back!
  104. Infotainment issues almost immediately
  105. Rattling
  106. Weird Stereo Fix
  107. Remote app charging status incorrect
  108. Would you return your I-Pace?
  109. Irritated w/Infotainment, etc
  110. Random Questions and Notable issues
  111. Android (Pixel 3) GPS issues
  112. Weird Bugs of the Day:
  113. Problems or Trouble Free?
  114. Traction Battery Fault, Wheels Locked Up
  115. display panel not working at all
  116. OK to Drive with Caution, Traction Battery Fault Detected.
  117. First Spontaneous i-Pace Fire?
  118. Bug Fix Thread, list any bug fixes you've found.
  119. Lag on moving from stop and other minor lags