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USB playback hints?

Nearly this same thing happens on my 16 RR.

USB drive has several CDs copied to it by software that creates directories for each CD and copies each track to its own file with the respective directory.

Playback does not play back in the album and track sequence. The playback is in alphabetical order by title of every file on the drive, regardless of the album (directory).

Any tips on getting playback in the correct sequence, and within one album at a time? I'm not about to go about renaming every file into a magical sequence to get it right.

I said "nearly" in my first sentence because the RR at least stays within an album before moving to the next one.

This playback sequence makes it a bit difficult to listen to my Goon Show compendiums.
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I haven't tried it, but several cars (including my old 2012 A6) support m3u playlists. Unfortunately the documentation is always lacking, especially on if you need to use relative paths to the root of the drive, or absolute paths from some base directory that you have to guess about.
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I copied my iTunes music files (MacOS with each album in a separate folder) to a USB 3.0 flash drive. I-Pace faithfully categorizes the albums with art and playback is seamless.
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I spent more time on this.

It does not recognize m3u playlist files and their content.

I've been spoiled by the Phatnoise Phatbox's in my old VW's. I used their software (yes thankfully I have an old laptop still running Windows XP!) to create the test playlist files. It is so much better at allowing playback via playlists and even verbally announces albums, artists, etc., depending on what you choose. It will even tell you what is playing at the touch of a button. Too bad the excellent concepts of 20 years ago are too outdated for these modern vehicles.

The CD's can be copied into individual folders at the root drive of the flash drive. The folder should be named the name of the CD (or whatever you want to call that particular folder). Really long names (as the Phatnoise software created for a Goon Show Compendium) are not advised. The I-pace display won't show the whole name when they get long.

It's possible to display a list of the folders but you better remember which one is being played because the list doesn't give you any indication. Thus my recommendation for shorter directory folder names.

You can touch the icons along the bottom of the center display to get different ways to show the flash drive content.

The I-pace does do its own scan to categorize the albums, and get artist info.

I'll have to get used to it.
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I tried everything to get a 64 GB stick to work - preformatted as Fat32. I finally went and bought a cheap 32 GB stick and copied the exact same files over and the stick worked perfectly.

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