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1 year and 15,300 miles later...

After one year of ownership and driving over 15,300 miles these are my observations of the I-PACE:

With the the H264 update, I think I have a better car now than when I bought it a year ago. My I-PACE is the lowest "S" tier with the Drive Pack, leather seats, configurable dynamics, and ADSR. It had a built date of 11/13/2018, and I took delivery on 1/16/2019. I don't have HUD or power lift-gate or any of those niceties. Not even heated seats (who needs them in SoCal?).

The following campaigns and recall were performed to the car: regenerative brake recall, the front hood latch campaign, the various software updates done at the dealer and over the air, with more recently the H264 and instrument cluster update. The only other repair that was performed to the car was replacement of front air struts because of a known rattling issue.

I have had 3 accident-related repair work to the car. The rear bumper and components were replaced and repaired twice. And the front bumper and right front wheel, including steering gear & linkage, hub & bearing, etc, were replaced and repaired.

The InControl Touch Duo infotainment software still has bugs in it, but I can live with them. The Navigation selection is painfully slow compared to Audi's system. But CarPlay takes care of that.

We frequently drive to San Diego, Palm Springs and Morro Bay so we've figured out where and when to charge when travelling.

My daily commute involves 50 miles of Los Angeles traffic, but the I-PACE makes it enjoyable.

Prior to the I-PACE, I had an Audi A3 e-tron. In fact, my cars in the last 15 years have been Audis. I planned on getting the Audi e-tron as a replacement to that car, but Audi released the car too late for me. I have now test driven the Audi e-tron SUV, and I can honestly say I would still buy the I-PACE over it.

I have never had the experience of a car buyback and it's unfortunate to hear the stories of owners here in the forum.
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Yeah, the car buyback stories are disheartening. We've had the car a little longer than you, like 3 weeks longer. It's had a host of updates, and some repairs from a break-in. The only real issue we're having is a rattle behind the backseat that's hard to track down. Thought it was a coin. No luck. Fantastic car.
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1 year and 8K miles. No issues other than the initial blank screen of death on the infotainment screen. Have done all updates, except H264, but will soon. One minor repair to the front grill surround from love tapping a Lexus. Thoroughly enjoy the car, which is also my daily driver,
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One year and 16,000 miles for me. No issues great enough to go back to the dealer. I expect to get all updates and recalls resolved at first regular service in Summer.

Only thing that REALLY bugs me is the charging system design and related timers etc.
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FE 1 yr old on 1/31/19 with 8400 miles. Build #2328 in July 2018. My first issue was to replace the charge port (most likely my error) so do not hold that against JLR. In fact I might have been responsible for the H221 campaign to install a new charge port label. I have had my right headlamp replaced due to a leaking seal and condensation forming inside lens. I also believe that my GOM has been more accurate since I took delivery than many in this forum. However, I did have the same problem of the stuck 201 mi 100% charge following H228. It took 1300 miles of driving and 60 days for it to return to the accuracy I had before that campaign. I, like many others, enjoy driving the I-Pace since I feel more connected to this car than any other I have owned. I feel for all those who have had a bad experience with their I-Pace, but for the record my experience has been great.
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Just over 1 year and 7200 miles (because of a 1600 mile round trip to AZ for Christmas). I love the car, and itís actually gotten my wife and I into a habit of going for a drive to wine country on Sundays. My only major complaints are the charging being less than we were promised (honestly charging envy for the e-Tron) and the nav system not being able to use addresses from contacts via Bluetooth.

Thatís not to say there arenít ways to make the car considerably better. If all the majors had cross-licensing deals, it would be awesome to see the i-Pace get JLRís ClearSight Rear View and Ground View, the Taycan battery / inverter / charging system, VWís defroster windshield (no microwires!), Cadillacís Super Cruise, Lincolnís Perfect Position Seats, Nissanís new sound deadening material for the flooring / wheel wells, and Teslaís new roof glass (the last two to make the car even quieter than the e-Tron).
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10 months, 8K miles, Dec 2018 build. Besides firmware updates and campaigns have had absolutely no issues or problems, rattle free, and as said above the car is now better than when I got it. In fact I love driving this car. To be honest the I Pace is more fun to drive than a Porsche Taycan Turbo S. The Taycan is a beast, faster, sportier, more etc etc, but the Jaguar is more fun. And honestly much prettier outside and just as nice if not nicer inside.

Go figure.
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I love this thread! I'm in the middle of the buyback but these posts reconfirm my desire to get another I-Pace.
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Originally Posted by bruintoo View Post
After one year of ownership and driving over 15,300 miles these are my observations of the I-PACE:
Your story is a lot like mine, up to and including the exact recall work and H264 update (mine is scheduled for mid-February) and a collision. Someone behind me in a long stopped line of cars decided to roll his license plate into the back and scratch the bumpers. Repair bill: $2,560. Waiting for the OEM parts to come in from Jaguar.
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Got my 2020 HSE in June. 6000 miles. Only issue was a malfunctioning sound system (no interior sound but the exterior warning sound for pedestrians was stuck on and loud). Dealership replaced infotainment control system, fixed the problem immediately, only 2 days in shop.
Absolutely love the car and 100% would buy again.
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