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Originally Posted by fedorachef View Post
I'm curious to see how that changes over time.
Me too. In the meantime, see this...


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Originally Posted by fedorachef View Post
Thought this was a good video, granted its from earlier this year, but they talk about how the max range is 480km (298 miles). Man, that would be nice if it was reality.

I live in AZ where the winter temps are often right around 70. When I charge to full, I'm getting the computer to estimate 270 - and that's not in ECO mode. If I used that, I'd probably be able to get close to that 300.
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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Originally Posted by fedorachef View Post
My Tesla was a 90D and range was 265 and very accurate to getting that as actual range. I'm surprised to hear your seeing 253, mine is nowhere near that so maybe tech in NJ will find something up with my car. Did recently learn that my battery software is on v13.2 vs 14.2 and informed dealer about that today. Their looking into why I'm not on the latest software and how to update.

Shouldn't battery version/updates be done OTA? Or is that a dealership only update?
Telematics version 14.2 was supposed o allow OTA, but I have read the next release, 14.5, available in Europe on Dec 12 is too big for OTA....
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I have only a few days/couple dozen journeys so far, but ...

I have created a spreadsheet that I'm keeping of my journeys [Note: Journeys from your car can be downloaded to a CSV file and emailed from within the InControl app (a darned nice feature!)].

In my spreadsheet, I use a chart of average monthly temp ranges against the date/time of the drive estimate the Temperature (which I could manually override if they were outside normal), and a formula against average speed to classify any trip as a city or hwy drive. I'm computing the energy used in those conditions. Using this sheet, and a large enough history, I will be able to give a good estimate of the expected range I should get on a given drive even if that drive is outside my "average" conditions (which is what the dashboard shows you unless you plan a route where the topology of the trip would intervene).

The point is, that as I get experience in different conditions/speeds, I will be able to filter my spreadsheet to "show me Hwy trips of temps between (say) 40 & 60 only - and it will estimate my range based on those times where that's what I experienced, and not from my overall average which could be from generally different conditions.

I will not get much experience in cold weather, however, where I live. So, I'd be happy to share my sheet with somebody else if they want to PM me, and provide me with an email. It's an Excel sheet with embedded macros - which automatically finds any TRIPS*.CSV file open (from an InControl email) and loads the data from it into your overall table of journeys. I promise you it's not going to infect your PC in anyway.

This kind of stuff is what I do for a living.
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What is certain, is every time an EV is released in the winter, the question of poor range comes up like clockwork with all EVs and EREVs. I've been watching it every year for 6 years now on forums.
The concern over range comes up far less in the summer. Well, unless you are a Nissan Leaf in Arizona.
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The "new car year" always starts at the worst time for EV's!

[And, since I'm without mine for 2 more weeks, I keep cringing and muting/fast forwarding through ALL new car commercials since they remind me I don't have my new, new car, yet.]
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Cons, all Jaguar smartphone software to date is very "soft", infotainment system keeps resetting on most i Pace platforms, not cool, electric motor efficiency sucks, but hey, its a Jaguar, they never won awards for light motion potion use of any kind.

Pro's are the drive, the huge torque, the huge smiles when you zip past others, the handling, the seats and so on....
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