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Sometimes the pages take too long to load but aside from that no complaints. But that slow loading speed could have been my internet unless there's some complex code running around in the background of these forums.
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I posted a bunch of links to you tube videos last night and it said it needs moderator approval .. I don't think it has been posted though I may have missed it ... please advise ...
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Here are my wishlist. I'm focused on what improvements / features I would like, sorry if they appear negative

Change to xenForo the BEV of forum software, whereas vBulletin is the dinosaur fossil equivalent of ICE. Having to click a non-obvious little icon to get to "first new post in thread" an the main link takes you to first-post. Stuff like that which was the norm 5 years ago until xenForo took a fresh approach and tidied up all that stuff.

All that QUOTE / MULTIQUOTE stuff is dire. xenForo allows you to just highlight a snippet of text and then get a popup offering to quote that. Fiddling around removing the bulk of text to just to quote a sentence, or wanting to quote multiple points from within a post ... I doubt people, in this day any age, understand all the [tag] stuff, or want to. I can't even press Control-B to boldface a word, and no WYSIWYG mode in the editor.

Get over "some people may not want to" and require Location. Its a free text field and people will put in stupid things like "on the internet", so don't have to give anything away if they are shy. For a topic like this there are huge differences between e.g. USA and UK posters.

Make the sidebar optional

edit: I just voted on the thread. That produced a popup notification which i had to dismiss, instead of just providing a visual clue that I had done that. All that sort of stuff is what I was alluding to - archaic - and vBulletin haven't grasped that, sadly.

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