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Range indicator all over the place

So Saturday I took my HSE First Edition into the dealership to charge it up a bit from half on the DC Fast Combo 24kW and in 30 minutes it only charged up 20 miles. Since this was the first time charging outside my home, I did not know what to expect.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning the range indicator at full charge stated 196 miles (it was 58 degrees in my garage), then I started on an hour drive around town to just enjoy it.
During that time, the range indicator dropped down to 176 miles, even though I had only driven 4 miles in real road range! The stereo was the only thing on in my driving.

During the next 45 minutes, the range indicator then dipped to 163, then up to 175, then down to 168, then up to 184 - just literally every time I looked down the number changed. I only live 9 miles from my destination and then only drove within 2 miles of that for 45 minutes.

What was odd is that the range "bar" and My EV green picture, both showed the what felt like the real total energy left in the batteries and moved slowly as one would expect driving normally.

I got home with 1/4 range gone, and 164 range showing.

Today, (Monday) the range indicator is doing the same thing the 2nd day in a row.

Should I be suspicious that the DC charger screwed up the onboard range calculator?

I'm taking it in for brake pedal squeal on the 16th, so I'll add this to the work order....

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The Range Estimator uses a number of variables come up with it's miles.
1) Your recent driving habits including speed.
2) The Climate Control Setting.
3) The temperature outside.
4) The battery voltage and state of charge (% meter)
5) The Mode Setting (ECO/COMFORT/DYNAMIC/BatterySaver)

It changes as it learns, but it is just an estimate.

If it says 200 miles, you can drain the battery in 150mi to 270+ miles, depending on conditions and your foot.

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I knocked 12 miles in 1.5 miles of travel. It depends on how you drive.
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It's really just a terrible indicator... All the more reason we need an easy way to see what %age is left in the battery..

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Seems like folk ignore it on ICE vehicles, then it becomes crucial on EVs.

Being weaned on motorcycles, which often had <200 miles of range, it has never seemed to be a big issue.

Towing is where it kicks your arse. 7 mpg towing heavy can empty a large tank pretty fast.

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BatJag, McRat's post above (with numbered factors 1-5) sums it up best. The range indicator is an imperfect gauge at best. Like any technology, you'll get used to it after a while and learn what you can do. (I'm 4500mi driven in my FE now.) I got in with 137mi on the GoM (Guess O Meter) yesterday, after leaving it all day in a sunny parking lot (I think battery cooling system chewed up 5 miles of range since I had parked earlier with 142. I cranked up the HVAC to cool off the VERY hot car where here in Florida it was mid-80s, and the GoM dropped to 124mi. We were 125mi from home so my wife panicked! I put the car in Eco mode (GoM immediately jumped back up to 135), and after it had cooled off cranked back down the AC. I also used the HVAC without the AC setting on at times. I purposely drove the speed limit (70mph) on the freeway (going higher than 70mph REALLY degrades efficiency) rather than my usual 80+, and didn't make aggressive passing moves or use seat cooling (I did use the radio). I arrived home with 20mi to spare, so 'squeezed' out 125 actual miles with 20 to 'spare' even though the car started at 137 on the GoM, I needed to use AC, and was on the highway with a full load (4 passengers and luggage). This cut things a bit closer than I would have liked, but no one in my family had the patience for me to stop and 'fill up', or even 'top off' so I decided to take the gamble. I kept an eye on the GoM, and would have considered ZERO HVAC and "Low Power Mode" if necessary. You'll get used to turning 'range anxiety' into 'range management' over time. Hint: don't try with a spouse dubious of the wisdom of your EV purchase...
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I've had it for a couple of weeks and never seen it deviate up and down that much in a short timeframe with no change in driving behavior. Suppose I'm going to call it the "Guess-o-Meter" now.
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Lessons learnt from my first long road trip.

I have had the I Pace since mid-January 2019 and having solved most of the vexing problems (with malfunctioning and frozen screens, antenna changed, ACC not working and two dead 12v batteries), I have amassed 4000 miles and gained some confidence in the car. I decided to do a long trip this weekend and drove 290 miles from NC towards VA. I have learnt some important lessons and decided to summarize them.
• I started on Friday evening and decided to make the first leg, for an overnight stay at a hotel, with a 190 mile drive ( normally 3 h), after fully charging the car at home to 247 miles range. Was driving in the ECO mode and was hoping to make the drive at one stretch, without a waypoint to charge. Booked at a Hotel which had a level 2 charger.
• The drive was quite a nightmare. The navigation system decided to automatically plan a waypoint for charging at 117 miles. This charger did not exist, so I decided to drive on. Did not expect I would get multiple warnings to recharge, as the destination was supposed to be too far for the remaining battery reserve, as calculated by the cars software.
• I now decided to drive in the “Low power mode”, so was without music and climate control. Next way point calculated by the car was in 69 miles to a CCS charger, which did not work! Drove on in the dark and made the last 12 miles with bated breath and reached the hotel with 10 miles left on the car reserve. I was thankful my wife was not with me as she has extreme range anxiety!
• Turned out the hotel had only a Tesla charger, which I could use with a Tesla Tap adapter – TeslaTap
• Next morning I had charged to 80% and made the remaining 90 mile journey without a hitch. Spent the week end with my son and charged at a friendly Nissan Dealership on a level 2 charger up to 80%.
• Having learnt my lesson, on my return journey during the day, I planned to make the 290 mile journey with two charging stops, which I chose by doing some research.
• First leg started with a 80% charge – drove 1h 30 min, 93.2 miles, avg. speed 62.0 mph, consumed 2.57 mi/kWh. Charged at a Greenlots CCS charger: Charged from 36% to 80% in 1:22:18. Energy delivered 43.90kWh. Cost $8.23.
• Second leg started with 80% charge – drove 1h 25 min, 89.8 miles, consumed 2.33 mi/kWh. Charged at an Electrify America 320 kW charger – from 37% to 80% in 00:32: 52. Energy delivered 36.7kWh. Max Charging rate 93.6 kw. Total paid $11.59 -- Calculated $1 per session+ $.30/minute+ 6.75% sales tax.
• Third leg with a 80% charge – drove home, 1h 27 min, 92.6 miles, consumed 2.37 mi/kWh. Reached home with 30 % charge left.
• An ICE car would have brought me home in 4.5 hours. This way with the I-Pace it took me exactly 7 hours, without any range anxiety.
• Will not rely on the I Pace to choose a waypoint to charge – I don’t think they have enough updated software to get to the right station.
• Love the Electrify America rapid DC chargers – support them and hope they get many more.
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Yesterday, I left the house with 101 miles on the GOM. I had to drive 96 miles that day.
The previous day's driving was at 75-85mph.

So yesterday I drove at 75 mph with the AC on.
The odo said 96.x miles, and the GOM said 15 miles remaining when I arrived at home.

At 9-10% state of charge it gives you a warning. At about 17 GOM miles remaining, it asked if I wanted Navigation to take me to the nearest charger (latest 19A.xx update installed), for laughs I hit yes. And it changed my route to the nearest charger, which obviously I did not need.

So... You will get:

Warning at 10%
Suggestion to change route.
More significant warning at 4% and soon a blue line will appear on the Power Meter that tells you that your max power is now limited.
The blue line will move closer to the top.
At 0-1%, it will warn you again, and put the car Battery Saver mode. The console and climate LCDs will shut down as well as the climate system.
It will still drive at 0%, but that's the furthest I risked running it.

Testing: I had run the car down to 4% on the highway. It seems 4% slows down the GOM (extends range), then I drove around city streets to 1%, then headed to my house. It hit 0% within 200 meters of home. Original testing was done with 18C? update. The Change Route did not appear then.

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Note: For my area on 20" wheels, 2 people + luggage, 67mph average (ACC set to 75mph) in cool weather (0-12°C), I'm about 190-220 miles actual range based on how much electricity it takes to recharge to 100%. The EPA highway range rating of 221 miles. So based on other vehicles, I'm think Jaguar is actually conservative with their rating.

Sidebar - Jaguar appears to be listing nearly all the 2020 model on the EPA website EXCEPT the I-Pace. Does this mean it's getting a range bump? Perhaps.
Will it be retroactive (SOTA)? If it is only software based, perhaps. I would not hold my breath.

Jaguar i-Pace FE Photon Red 20" wheels, "Leaper"
Two Chevrolet Volts in service
24.2 kW x 480v 3ph solar array self-installed.
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