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WLTP rated range? Is it really a joke? 296mi?

ERROR - 292mi WLTP.

Pointless Data Point (reprint from UK board):

While I like to 'enjoy' my I-Pace, I got a call after my (WLTP) post above to go get some test samples from a customer.
But because I posted that the WLTP was not terribly inflated, I decided to see what the indicated range was on a 12C mid-morning with an FE wearing 20" tires. Overcast incoming storm and windy.

Rules: I was not to hang out in the slow lane. I was not to impede traffic. I set the ACC at 75 mph (speed limit is 65mph). I was not to monkey around or pass people unnecessarily (errr... I did make a 103mph blast when somebody tried to keep me from a lane change).
I preheated the car at 23C and topped it off at 100%. Car claimed 202 mile of range on the GoM.

The trip starts at 800' elevation, climbs to 1200', then drops to 50'. Canyon winds, round trip of 62.2 miles. 3 stops at customer sites. Climate at 23C, radio on, eco mode.

What did the car report? 1hr28m due to congestion and my 3 stops.
79% SOC.
162 miles on GoM.

I don't necessarily believe it. But let's see: 21% went 62.2 mi. So 100% would be 296 miles? Really? Maybe. I tested how accurate the % SOC meter was, and I calculated results that show the top 50% is more juice than the bottom 50%. ie - 50% is not 50%, it's 56%/44%

I didn't do any magic tricks. No drafting. No blocking traffic, stayed away from trucks. Didn't slow down for cops when I was speeding. And I'm reporting exactly what the car said on a round trip. I just drove with far less enthusiasm than I like. It's a great car to putt about in, but it is an excellent car to play in.

The moral to the story? Who the heck wants to drive a Jaguar like a Prius? If you DO like it, the WLTP numbers are not far off.
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Over President's Day Weekend/PS Modernism Week/2019 Desert X, we drove from Long Beach to Palm Springs (605/91/10) and back (10/605) in ECO mode without recharging, 237 total miles.
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How many miles left after 237?
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I think the point we may be missing is that the battery chemistry in the I-Pace appears to be quite different than the Tesla. Not to mention that Tesla cheats on the mileage estimates regularly. On nice warm 70 degree days, we're getting terrific (real) mileage in our I-Pace. And the estimates are very close to what we're seeing in actual miles driven...

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Originally Posted by Time2Roll View Post
How many miles left after 237?
We had like 10 miles left but I wasn't so concern because when we got to Orange County/LA County area, there are plenty of chargers available should we actually needed to use one.
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Here is some data from my Ford Focus Electric from a ScanGauge set up from the factory for the FFE. It may give you an idea on how much play there is in battery rated KW. My FFE battery is rated at 23KW. The ScanGauge reports 90% state of charged and 16KW battery energy to empty when the car has stopped charging because it is full. My wall KW meter that monitors my EV charger breaker load reports 18.2KW power used from "Battery Depleted" to fully charged. So 2.2 KW is lost in the car's charger & heat when charging. I have only 16KW of usable battery in my 23KW rated FFE. This means I can claim over 4 miles/KW from my battery! My FFE is rated at 76 miles from the EPA. I have found that is about 43mph on cruise control to get that 76 miles. I have found the 120vac car charger will charge the FFE to 16KW, the 240vac car charger quits at about 15.8kw.
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