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For those that tried to access the Google Drive link in my prior message (post 9), I've unlocked access to that link. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Originally Posted by fedorachef View Post
I visited BlackVue's site and do see they offer the cloud service and that it does require wifi connection. At home should be fine, although its parked in the garage where I have a security cam, but my thought is being parked at a mall or at the airport and wanting to check in on the car or get alert if tampered with or moving activity caught. The wifi in the car isn't active unless the car is on from what I know. I looked at the Owlcam after you provided the link, but it doesn't seem to be as good as quality as what the Blackvue is. Be nice if the Blackvue offerered the cell service.
Agreed, the OwlCam was very tempting for that feature and it was on my short list. But as you can see I decided the higher res on the Blackvue was more important to me. Typically this car doesn't sit in places where I think it will be burglarized. For me parking lot damage at the office parking garage is a bigger concern. Someone scraped my truck rear quarter with their bumper there and didn't leave a note. Unfortunately I had the camera parked facing the wall so I never got a view of their car.
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I have similar problems. I use eyeride fleet camera on my car.
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I have an older model Blackvue, I believe it is a 650 model, installed in my I-Pace. In the front of the car I installed my Blackvue low on the dash next to my radar detector. The wiring runs to the side of the car next to the base of the windsheild then runs under plastic and carpeting to the rear cigarette lighter power socket. The power socket in the back stays hot for a few minutes after the car is shutdown allowing some recording after you have left the car. I had experiences with my Ford Focus not being able to see anything in the sun when it was mounted up high, because of the shine on the front dash. In the low forward position I don't get this shine. I do have a problem. My GPS on the dash cam will not get a good enough signal to give a speed and location during the playback. It is getting some gps signal because the time is correct on the video. Putting the same dashcam in my BMW X5 and the GPS works good with the blue GPS light flashing. Something must be in the windshield of the Jag partially blocking the GPS signal. Anyone else had a problem with this?
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If you have the heated windshield I expect it would interfere with GPS signals. I think even without the heated windshield option the i-pace has an IR-rejecting coating that may also interfere. There are two designated areas at the top of the windshield to the left and right of the rear view mirror where there is no coating and no heating wires that are designed to allow radio signals through. It stands to reason that a camera mounted near the top go the windshield closer to these "RF windows" will have an easier time seeing GPS satellites than one placed near the bottom of the windshield.

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