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Originally Posted by Excellentinman View Post
I have experienced range issues since Jaguar performed the two major software updates a few months ago. I was then told that the H228 Enhancement Program would resolve these issues. It did not resolve them so I have continued to complain to my dealer. Two weeks ago the dealer called me and asked to have my vehicle in the shop because they were about to have a visit from the Jaguar NA EV Specialist (apparently the only one in the US), Martin Barratt. After Martin had worked on my vehicle he reset the range to 282 by gunning it from stationary to 45mph three or four times which he informed me is now the Jaguar recommended reset method and all previous methods no longer work. He also informed me currently the range after a full charge will always read either 201 or 282. The problem for me is that neither of these numbers is close to being accurate. I have calculated that the real range for my car is around 180 or slightly less. Bottom line is that you cannot rely on the range indicator which really makes road trips difficult. Martin said that Jaguar Software Engineering are working on a new software to restore the range. It would seem that the updates have destroyed the ability of the vehicle to adjust the range prediction based on driving style, terrain, and traffic conditions.

Oh and by the way I now have another phenomenon in that if I select Eco driving mode the range reverts to 201 but if I select Comfort mode (the default) it will show 282. Also if I turn the A/C off the range will show 201. I can only get 282 range with the A/C turned on. Martin says that is because he calibrated it with the A/C on to allow for the heat in Arizona.
I don't know what to say about this. Because I upgrade to the H228 and the latest 19A infotainment software. However I believe I'm still on 14.2 on telematics. The old method of GOM works for me now, but it didn't before. Maybe it is a combination of H228, 19A, and 15.1 (some have this) that nullify the old method of resetting the GOM.
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BTW folks - I omitted to say in my previous message that the NEW reset procedure only works in ECO mode. I tried it in Comfort mode several times and it did not work. So, if you are following this you have to reset in Eco mode but to retain the higher predicted range you need to drive in Comfort mode. Oh, BTW, after you have driven a few miles (I havent figured out exactly how many yet) the range will drop to a lower total anyway which kind of makes a nonsense of resetting it in the first place.
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