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Bugs/Tar/Tree sap splatter on Front Bumper

Early commute to work every day around 5 am. Noticing splattering nd covered with bugs and tar on front of the car on bumper, grill, hood and windshield. Does not remove through hand car wash. Car color youlong white. Need recommendation for products to use and not to damage paint. Tried WD 40 to no avail.
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WD40 should remove the tar. Have used WD to get the tar balls off my feet at some CA beaches. PepBoys or similar should have some tar cleaner.
Rubbing alcohol for the tree sap. Slow and steady the sap should dissolve.
I have heard a damp dryer sheet works well on bugs. Even if dried on all summer.
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Goo Gone works great and I've used it on many cars. It leaves an oily residue but a microfiber cloth and very mild window cleaner such as Perfect Glass will remove the residue.
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One of many bug & tar removers on the market:

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I like MisterDave’s solution or any product specially designed to not damage clear coat or plastics.
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Citrus based cleaners work great for removing bugs and tar. You may find that they are cheaper than name brand "bug and tar" removers.
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Since you are having a problem like this, a ceramic coating will go a long way to making this remove much more easily. If the price of a pro install is too steep (it was for me), you can do it yourself as long as you are confident in your DIY skills and don't mind a few hours of labor.

I used GTechniq's Crystal Serum Light and it has done wonders for keeping the car easy to clean. You do want to get the car super clean first and you want to be thorough at following the instructions. Plan on it taking a few hours, most of that for getting the car really clean and any existing swirls or light scratches rubbed out first. I liked the $100 price (for the larger bottle if you are doing the whole car and wheels) much better than the nearly $2k quotes for pro installation of similar products. It may seem costly, but considering that you won't need to wax the car again for 2 or 3 years it is a long term win... plus it is much more resistant to swirls etc than normal waxes with its 9H hardness.

Of that's too much effort and the professional application price isn't too steep for you, then getting a pro version of this or a similar product will make your subsequent cleanings a lot simpler.
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