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Regenerative braking concern

We have had our ipace for two weeks and like and appreciate 1 pedal driving with aggressive regeneration. However we noticed one potentially dangerous issue. If the battery is fully topped up, the regen braking seems to be disabled which means 1 pedal driving would be ineffective. This requires immediate recalibration of stopping distances. You will have to 1) use your brakes and 2) lift your foot off the accelerator to give enough space to stop whereas with an infilled battery, the regen braking would kick in

This could be a very serious safety issue if one is used to 1 pedal driving. Anyone else have issues with this?
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I personally have adapted to the behavior; I make a mental note when I start off at 100% SoC. But I don't usually charge to 100%. Today e.g. I charged to 78% from 30%.
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Nope. You get used to it. There is a green line that appears, in the instrument panel that shows how much regen energy can be stored when the state of charge is a above a certain percentage. You can use that to gauge the amount of slow down when lifting your foot from the accelerator and use the brake pedal instead.
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My wife was so concerned by the difference in regeneration when the battery is fully charged that she asked me to set the system to Low. Caught me by surprise too the first time I experienced the phenomenon until I caught on what was happening. I quickly got used to it and enjoy it because I know my battery is full.

I try to keep the battery at 80% or below anyway and the side effect is a consistent regen feel.

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If you set the Pre-Condition feature the regen is a lot more powerful in the morning than if you don't.
Like BruinToo said, there is a thin green radial line at between 10-12 o'clock on the Power Meter, on the regen side that shows you the max regen. The closer that line is to the top, the less regen works.

It would be nice to be able to charge the car to 90% so it always has max regen, but for some odd reason that function was removed from the Retail version. It only appeared on the prototypes.
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At home I use a Chargepoint level 2 system and I set a timed charge based on an 8% per hour rate. For example, if the battery is at 50% I set the system for 4 hours which puts the battery at 82%.
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