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12volt battery low warning

I got my software update to 19a last week. And unfortunately a lot of new problems. But I think they all relate to that as soon I stop the car and turn off I get a warning that my 12v battery is low
Even before opening the door and after a 1.5 hour drive.
Even after charge for a full night too.

I suspect this can be a reason for a number of issues like black screens and trunk not opening and...
If the 12volt dips too low most system reset and reboot when voltage comes back. Like the displays. Their behaviour is matching this. As I enter car and interior light goes on there will be a dip in the 12volt.

I will post updates when service get something done about it
I tried to give them a detailed description how to repeat the problem as it is very easy to recreate.

Could be the battery itself but then it should not happen when charging and open the door as the system should have power.

I will try to make updates to this and if it maybe is a clue to the black display issues too.

Could not find any other posts with this 12volt so I hope I am alone and we find the thing to replace.
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Thanks for this post. I'm not keeping track but it seems to me anecdotally that 19A has issues. 18D seems fine by comparison? I'm not in a hurry to upgrade. Sehakank, I hope they can track down that issue for you!
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Interesting. Definitely get the 12v battery checked. Low 12v battery caused no end of trouble with the RAV4-EV.

Unfortunately most are starting batteries and really should be a deep cycle for an electric vehicle.
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I'm betting on a ground wire is loose.

Jaguar i-Pace FE Photon Red 20" wheels, "Leaper"
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An update
Dealer had the car while I was on vacation so they had time.
Of course it behaved when there but Mechaninc did notice one or two things that all pointed to 12V system.
When I cam back from vacation dealer did the thing I told from beginning. Put me together with the service guy directly.
( I am a car freak and have one or two contacts inside automotive..)
Together we lookar and tested.
first 12V battery charging start as soon you unlock the car. We measured a good 12.8V before unlock this is typical for a fully charger LeadAcid battery that is fuul and been resting. Unlock the car and we measure 14.7V, also typical charging for a modern leadAcid battery. I forgot to check if it was a deep cycle type or not. When not need to crank a starter a deep dischargebattery will be better.
By the way The car have two 12V batteries. One more small one for the safety functions. It is deep down in front of driver side.

What Mechanic also suspected is a bad ground or cable He removed and cleaned ALL 12V connections. Guess how many cables there is for this... Have not had a singel of the 12V issues for 3 weeks now.

He also did the recall update on the brakes. and checked every module manually that have latest updates.

So car is fun to drive again.

Of course the infotainment need updates that been discussed in other threads. EV menu not loading etc.

I find that exiting my profile and enable again and all settings work. It do forget the creepmode now and then.

and the trunk opening sensors are not the best on the market if we say so.

As long as the important functions work I feel good driving the car again.
I logging and documenting all the smaller bugs I find and will share detailed descriptions with Jaguar.
Truing to do videos as that describe better than just words. ( My job is fault finding if you wonder)
I did same things before with BMW in diesel cars that also had software issues. Got a good reliable car after some time. Expect this will happen with Jaguar too.

I enjoy the attention a Photon Red car gets. Everyone like it. The lines and color get positive remarks.
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