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Lag on moving from stop and other minor lags

I am trying to recall but I remember a slight pause before car would move from standstill. Nothing major but not something Iíve experienced with electric cars before, itís only like 1/2 second. Any current owners have this too?

Next question is very picky. I am very sensitive to lag/delay in control loops and I thought there was a 100-150 ms lag between inputs to car and action (acceleration, steering, etc). This is a total non issue for most people but Iím just curious if any other owners have noticed this compared to other cars?

To be fair I am comparing this to other very responsive sports cars, but the Bolt doesnít have the lag either.
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I always though that the whole appeal of an EV was that the power/torque was immediate, unlike what we see with ICE's. I'm curious if this is how the I-Pace is from factory or whether or not we are seeing some software related issues.
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It is immediate the subtle delay I am talking about is probably not noticeable by most. Itís almost like the computer takes a fraction of second to respond to input, but when it starts you are forced into your seat. If you have not driven an electric car itís impressive at any rated HP but even more so with I Pace.
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