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Dantrium nailed it. This is such a common misconception for people that JLR and other brands have to do better explaining the GoM to their own sales people and new I-Pace owners. There's no reason to be anxious about the GoM. There's no cause for concern. It's working per design. Focus on SoC and consumption for what kind of driving you're doing (highway, city, uphill, etc.) and then you'll get used to how to predict what the car can do in whatever situation you're going into. You'll figure it out with experience. On long trips, you have to do more planning ahead than an ICE car because the charging options are fewer and ample margin is necessary to deal with things not going as expected.

I find nit #1 troubling too. So far, that collision detection system has made me feel less safe due to unexpected and unhelpful steering and breaking inputs. After its reactions I'm left wondering if the car is trying to help me or kill me.
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