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Unhappy Software at Jaguar

I have Audi and Mercedes on my fleet and we do not have **** like this with those vehicles and out Chevy and GM stuff which includes Bolt v1 from 2017 are our best and most reliable vehicle. Thats a GM version 1 EV.

Audi is quirky but once you get how they think it makes sense.

This Jaguar stuff is just diabolically bad.

Its Monty Python level ridiculous in fact. Especially when Jaguar and their dealers tell you features that can kill you that don't work are "just cosmetic".

Dunno about you folks but when I pay $100K for a car I want the features and bells and whistles to actually bloody work.

If LG can manage it in GM Bolt/Ampere ranges and other EV vehicles, this sort of flopping and flailing around they are doing here with this system is fairly mind blowing.

The Jaguar in pace apps are pretty bad code in anybody's book by the way.

they clash with any device you plug in to the thing in a major way (smartphone that is).

you can hear the bluetooth fighting for the audio control with the car systems and the phone all the time.

try running android auto or apple car play with the jaguar apps features.

it spends its entire day flip flopping between the phone and the car system.

the result is absolute crap experience.

if you turn your phone off and do not connect it via bluetooth or the usb cable the infotainment system is reasonable.

plug in any smartphone and **** is unleashed.

This is in my vehicle at any rate.

I have seen a lot of bad apps in my life, but I have never seen a collection of such consistently bad apps from one source, ever.

Darn poor show and weak effort from Jaguar I am afraid.

If you are going to bother to do something, at least do it halfway decent.

this effort would score in the 3% percentile area of scoring efforts.

I am pretty sure monkeys trained to write python scripts could have got to a 5% percentile score if bananas were offered as incentives.

Re software rev, it is indeed 19A.

So this is new stuff and it indeed fixes some issues.

The steering assist and other related safety features are now pretty good, but the plugging in of smartphone devices via bluetooth or USB makes it a hellish experience once more.

My 2012 Audi A3 had similar experiences but they were fixed once the right cables were acquired.

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I agree. seems exactly that way. time for head on silver platter and new direction with new people based on this exceedingly weak effort..
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Originally Posted by requieh View Post
Vehicle software it is quite a complex environment. Much more complex, that any other mass-product on this planet. OEMs needs some time to learn how to do it right. Look how many software updates Tesla releases... New features announcements are to cover the list of the bug fixes delivered together...
Only part I'll take issue is with this: the vehicle MANAGEMENT software is very complex and has real-time and dynamic requirements as conditions change greatly AND has to gracefully deal with component deterioration and failure. That stuff is NOT easy. I know in my i8 with two drive trains (electric 2 speed front, turbo ICE 6 speed back) the car dynamics management is INSANE to keep everything coordinated. That part works VERY WELL in my opinion on the I Pace.

The infotainment software is really NOWHERE near the middle range of complexity really. The nav in itself is large piece of code, but at this point it is incredibly well understood and we take for granted how many things use navigation and routing easily and reliably. The nav on the I Pace is one of the worse I have seen, including cheap Garmin handhelds from 10 years ago. That is bad. And the rest of the "modules" are very simple in comparison, yet the entire system behaves terribly.

The displays are incredibly high quality, the graphic designers have done a first rate job in "look and feel" and the hardware is definitely not subpar. But all the behaviours I see is from really bad coding practice and some I recognize from using Windows infrastructure (oh you didn't shut down, some settings got corrupted, let's throw them away).

And honestly who saw a car that can take 2-3 minutes to "boot" after all that amazing design and dynamics and said "oh yeah that part we can't deal with its just too hard?"
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Okay everyone. It's I-PACE, not iPace. "iPace" sounds like an Apple product. No thanks.
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Originally Posted by LOLTSLA View Post
Okay everyone. It's I-PACE, not iPace. "iPace" sounds like an Apple product. No thanks.
Hey now!
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