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Owned My I-Pace since July 12th....

I wanted to post this for anyone on the fence about EV vs Gas...

1st - this is based on real world my last 30 days with my iPace ... I drove approximately 1940 miles in the last 30 days a typical month for me can range as low as 800 miles to as high as 3800 miles ...

2nd I did all my spreadsheets and cost projections before I jumped to EV... I would tell you - this is something you need to really think about before you do it... it does change how you look at energy usage and driving... Good - Bad who knows.. just you have to think different ...

Don't know about across the pond... but here in the Oil Capital of the world (Houston) I have found several chaging sources... I would download ... ChargeHub ... PlugShare ... EVgo ... ChargePoint ... Blink ... (in the us Electrify America) ... there are a few other ones... but PlugShare and ChargeHub are my main two... and just figure out your route for that day... takes about 20 extra minutes on a busy day... but driving all over Houston... I just stop for lunch near a DC charger and keep going... Charge at home when I have less than 70% ... and been working great for me for the last 45 days...

Purchased my iPace July 12th 2019... so far savings in USD from using gas is about 100 last month ... we pay 3 USD for a Gallon for premium ... at a 22 Gallon tank on my old car spending between 40USD and 65USD per fill-up at about 8 fill-ups a month ... lets say 53USD a fill-up ... about 424USD for gas a month... now actual costs for my miles driven would be DC charges were about 105USD last month and 124USD for home use ... 195USD in savings projections a month ..

So looking at it...with actual miles driven ... 1940 miles on my old car @ 19 miles to the gallon would have been 5.68 fill-ups @ 53USD a fill-up would be 301.04 ... so having the EV saved my 72.04 last month... not a lot but we have had 95+ (F) days for the last 4 weeks and with humidity 100+ (F) mean temp so I bet the car is working a little harder than with lower temperatures...

I am doing my Study over a year... so I will keep you posted... I typically drive 18,000 to 26,000 miles a year...

Sorry for the long post... Hope this helps someone out....
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Cool! Welcome and keep us posted.
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My savings are even better - partly because gas costs more in Canada and partly because I have a 10KW solar system on my garage roof. I really notice the difference in my monthly credit card statement!

My previous BMW 6 Gran Coupe used about 10 litres per 100 kms. At 18,000 kms per annum, that's 1800 litres at roughly CDN$1.30 per litre for premium gas. So my annual gas bill was in the range of CDN$2340.

My electricity charges outside my home have been April $15, May $0, June $0 July $25, August $0. This is an average of $8 per month. Say $100 per annum - an estimated saving of $2240 a year. (I should say that I have used free charging at hotels several times and I have not included any costs for that.)

As you can see, nearly all my charging is at home. I have driven the car about 7,000 kms in 5 months.

The other side of the coin is, of course, the cost of the solar system, but - I also use it to heat my home in the winter.

If I were to ascribe a cost to the electricity I use at home, using Ontario Hydro rates, my total cost would have been April $38, May $55, June $81, July $59 and Aug $24. This is an average of $52 per month, or $624 a year. Still a saving of at least $1,700 a year.

Then add the savings of oil changes etc and the finances are pretty attractive - assuming you're going to own a premium vehicle in the first place. Ironically though, it's my desire to be green that is more important to me than the money.
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gbillcb - wow... My average monthly electric is about 250 in the summer... But we stalled at about 100 (F) for the last 4 to 5 weeks with temp and humidity... Finally we are back to the mid 90's (F) this week...
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Yes, if we had those temps I'm sure my bill would be higher. I live right on Lake Huron where temperatures are moderated by the water. 30C or 86F is about as hot as we normally get on a summer day.

My costs will undoubtedly be much higher in the winter when the heated seats, windshield and steering wheel are needed! Even so, I doubt they'll get to $250 a month. We'll see!
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