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Originally Posted by Vi-Pace View Post
I don't know if JLR ever reads these, and maybe this idea is old news...but here's what I think:

I enjoy my i-Pace, and I think it's a great car. But charging on the road is genuinely a pain, and it severely limits my use of the car. Chargers aren't available, or they're broken, or they are godawful slow. You all know the drill. I basically never take my car outside a 100 mile radius of home, which sucks, cuz I like the car.

My buddy has a Tesla and, say what you will about Tesla, they at least put some money and thought into making charging palatable. His experience was kind of what I had in mind when I bought the i-pace, and I've been sorely disappointed in that regard.

So this is one small part of the solution, but I think JLR should take it seriously. Every, and I mean EVERY, JLR dealer in America should be required to install at least two working fast-charger stations. Not Level II chargers--FAST chargers.

Then, they should be tapped into an on-line system whereby any i-pace owner can RESERVE, in advance, time on the charger. So if I know I'm driving to someplace on a given day, and I can find a dealer along the route, I can go online, enter my VIN, and reserve 90 minutes (or whatever) on the charger to top off.

During un-reserved times, they could be made available to non-jag owners. But i-pace owners always get dibs.

This would not solve everything, obviously, as there is not a JLR dealer on every corner. But at least it would be something...and it would show a commitment by Jag to support those of us who took a risk on early adoption.

There you have it. Glad I could get this off my chest.
I see a lot of none tesla ev cars use a convertor cable and charge at tesla wall charger (not super charger). Many hotel have tesla wall charger.
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