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The closest dealers to me have 1 6.6 kW and 1 11kW "fast" Chargerpoint brand chargers. Those are not fast by the standards of other Chargepoint brand chargers available short distances away. It doesn't really show that the JLR vehicles (I-pace and future models) can charge at the highest advertised rates.

Nearby chargers go up to 50 kW. My car has taken about 2.5 hours to go from 2% to 100% at these 50 kW chargers. It would take much longer at the dealers' chargers. The good thing is that they are all free. A new Chargepoint charger close to 20 miles away from me is reported to be a 62.5 kW charger but isn't free. It's a $.25/min with $5 minimum rate.

Farther away I can get to an Electrify America site and charge at a faster rate (at least for part of the charge) but it cost$. EVgo sites aren't the cheapest way to charge either.

All the major branded chargers have apps, plus apps like Plugshare, help to let you know if the chargers are available and working/not working. I've found them to be very helpful in solving the where-to-charge dilemma.

Most of the other car brands selling EVs have chargers at their sites. Most do not allow the public to charge, have their cars plugged in all the time, have the chargers only inside their service areas, etc. At least the JLR dealers don't have them where you can't get to them and usually they are not ICEd.

This state actually has a law requiring public entities to install charging facilities. They've been slow to comply, minimally complied with, and results have varied from the 3.3 kW to the 62.5 kW chargers. I'd like to see rest stops along interstates providing charging capabilities. Not many do.

Demand will drive the infrastructure build just like it did for gasoline and diesel stations. They didn't come before the horseless carriage started to get popular.
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