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The I-Pace isn't going to do any better from the Porsche in terms of range. Tesla is the range leader and they have their charging network. That said, I live in Portland and have taken my I-Pace all over the place this summer. My son and I mountain bike, so we've been up on Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens aplenty in the I-Pace. No problems at all with range (80 miles / 4000', and 160 miles / 2400', respectively). Same for the coast (170 miles / maybe 3000' of elevation gain, and loaded with 4 people & luggage). The only "problem" I've had was a day trip out to Maryhill (240 miles, round-trip). On paper, I could've made it depending on my willingness to gamble, but the reality was disappointing. I got nowhere near 240 miles - more like 160. Still not a problem. I was able to charge up at a Level III charging station at the Wal-Mart in Hood River (which only took an hour, while we shopped for some incidentals). I should probably state that it was like a billion degrees outside and I was driving fast - so not too surprising that my range was poor on that trip.

So I'd say you can lead an outdoors life without too many worries. Just do a little planning. You get used to it. There are charging station apps, and the nav has charging stations in it.

What else? I agree with GratedWasabi that the software is buggy and slow. Jaguar pushed an OTA update recently, which helped. I'd say it went from unacceptably buggy and slow to a little buggy and slow. Coming from Porsche (I came from a 911), I doubt you'll be disappointed. You also probably won't be impressed.

Coming from a Macan Turbo, you'll have more passenger room and similar luggage room in the I-Pace, with similar exterior dimensions. Fit & finish will be superior in the Jag. The I-Pace will be quicker, but you won't have the amazing engine, intake, and exhaust notes that are Porsche. I do miss that. And of course your TCO will go way down, between the cost of fuel and the cost of maintenance/repair. Depreciation? Who knows?

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