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Originally Posted by Kirk View Post
Thank you genuinely for offering information!

Your post is kinda funny though! In the first paragraph, you say that you were responsible for training and providing information to the dealer network. In the 2nd paragraph, you say that the dealer network is not very well informed. So basically you're saying that you were not very good at your job
Good point... the dealer/manufacturer relationship is an interesting one, mainly because the dealers are entirely independent (commercially speaking) from the manufacturer. So the investment for training and tooling comes out of the dealer's pocket, at the behest of the manufacturer.

Imagine being a JLR dealer who is expecting to see maybe one or two i-PACEs in the course of a year. Would you want to invest thousands in tooling (which would sit largely idle) and send your valued technicans away to learn about a car they'd hardly ever see? This is just one of the problems we were up against.

I'd like to stress that the dealer network is *sometimes* not very well informed. They all vary as you probably know. Maybe I'd be better phrasing it something like: "The dealers are not always communicating the message(s) that the manufacturer would like" or "There is always a lag between a manufacturer identifying a problem (and solution), and the dealer learning and understanding about that fix".

Finally to be super-precise I wasn't responsible for the training, that was a different department, but we worked closely due to the nature of the programme (all new electric vehicle and high-voltage working).
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