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Battery cells broken

I've had my iPace since mid Oct '18, now with 20.000 KM / 12.500 Miles on it. So I probably got one from the first batch.

2 weeks ago it failed to charge fully: it simply stopped after 80% on my home charger with my charger stating 'Waiting for EV'. Strange enough that was just after using a 175kw charger in the Netherlands, something I hardly ever do. Public chargers could also not charge it above 80%. Then it degraded further. By the time the dealer agreed to take the car in - initially they told me to come in two weeks time - it wouldn't charge any further than 69%.

Soon my dealer called to confirm some battery cells need replacing. They said it's the first time they've encountered this. To start the job they require approval from the importer and it would take weeks before I get it back. This is almost 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard since. Yesterday, a friend told me that his iPace - from a different NL dealer - now stops charging at 96%. His dealer told him to bring the car in a week from now.

To me it sounds as if it may very well be an issue for many iPace owners to come. Have any of you here have similar issues / experiences?

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