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Originally Posted by outbackgary View Post
Having just purchased a new HSE, I am astounded as to the feature set and functionality that Jaguar has pushed into the overall embedded electronics of this vehicle. What an amazing accomplishment of embedded control hardware and software. I would say that their development priority went into power electronics and drive control. What an amazing accomplishment.

Taking into account the inherent communication between vehicle modules, I would say what we have is an excellent overall result that with time will improve.

I observe a one to two-second delay when switching screens and I learn to be patient. It is through the necessity of reducing power consumption that the computers are put to sleep. Even Linux needs time to do a cold boot.

It would be great to see a bit more appreciation of what we have instead of unrealistic expectations. This system is a lot more than a smartphone. The software quality control must be a major effort that is not foolproof.

Having said that I feel for the earlier adopters and thank them as what I have just purchased reflects the effort and pain of that group. Thankyou.
I'm not sure what you are comparing against, but stating that JLR did an 'amazing' job with their shitty infotainment system it makes me think you haven't been in just about any other car with a robust system. As I've said before, even some of the crappy little rental cars I get, have better systems than the I-Pace.

It is a nice car, even a great car, but for $90k, it shouldn't be saddled with a system that is outclassed by a $35K Ford...
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