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Originally Posted by bremington View Post
Hi, I am a relatively new I Pace owner, and really enjoy the car. I don't have a daily need to use the full range of the car, but mostly take short trips of less than 10 miles. The GOM has ranged from 282 to 201 when fully charged. I understand there are future software updates that might improve this estimate. However, for my needs I really only need to know how far I can go on a single charge, driving on a highway, not a combined estimate of all my driving . What I think would help in the future is if the GOM is presented both a highway estimate and a city estimate.

So, I analyzed the past three months of driving, and only at trips > 10 miles. My car is an HSE, 22" wheels, Comfort mode, and typically 2 passengers. I also live in Florida and the temp is around 90F on my highway trips. What I found is that the avg energy consumption on these highway trips would give me an average range of 237 miles. In the "winter" months I am guessing this might improve another 10-20 miles in range. So this is quite satisfying to know, even with using the larger tires and high temps.

I have attached my data in case you want to see the details.
It gets 190-210mi. for max range for ALL HWY driving (Comfort mode, A/C on, seat ventilation on, cruise control mostly on) & 220-240 mi. max range City...that's been my experience driving mostly hwy miles since 12/1/18.

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