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Originally Posted by Time2Roll View Post
If she was going to post this information the actual conversation should have been recorded.
I am not convinced that the whole truth is being told here.
Generating clicks, which generates revenue. I would put it at equal parts preconceived ideas, so hearing what she want hear; misunderstandings, hearing statements without seeking clarification; BS to support the other two.
The dealer may have said the IPace have the ability to use Tesla destination charges, or simply misspoke, not likely as she claims (I would have believed that in December, but not July).
There is zero chance she actually could notice an appreciable difference in the acceleration between the two cars, because there is no appreciable difference. Although a noisy, poor handling, rattle-trap does ‘feel’ like it is going faster than it is, maybe that’s why she thinks her 3 is quicker?
She states the $85k IPace is almost $100k. Using that math logic, her 3 costed almost the same as the IPace...
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