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Originally Posted by Meldev##44 View Post
I did this last week and it did work.
There are different versions of 19A.
Mine is not the latest though.

My last GOM reset changed miles down by only 4 miles.

Did you try it more than once, over more than one trip and charge session?

Is it possible it reset to the same miles and just did not change the number?
I have the same 19A version as you. I tried resetting it several times. The mile range on the instrument panel nor in the infotainment display under MyEV did not budge at all. Am I suppose to wait until everything loads up after hitting the "START" (without brake) before I depress both pedals or what? I'm depressing it for like 15 seconds or more and the miles don't change. I don't get it. It's my first time resetting the GOM since the estimate range is low after not having driven it for two weeks.
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