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The little blue sign is telling you it is ready to do parking assist if you want to park the car. The READY light just means it is at a stop and it is ready to be driven.

One should put it in Neutral if going through such a car wash. The owners manual says to that automatic car washes "are not recommended."

Yes, it does have a feature to prevent roll-back, although I have to engage with the brake pedal on some slopes.

My experience, high regen, and one-foot driving style:
Coming to a level stop has no problem engaging the brake.
Coming to a stop light with a slight nose-high slope will engage the brake after a little roll-back.
Coming to a stop light with a steeper nose-high slope requires human foot assistance to engage the hill holding brake action.
Coming to a stop light with any nose-down slope will not engage the brake and human foot assistance is required until ready to proceed.

These features are covered in the owner's manual/iGuide. I suggest reading it and loading the iGuide onto a smart phone. iGuide has a decent search function to find this information.
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